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Bringing Eastern Health to the West: Spiritual Medicine, Energy Medicine + Plant Medicine

Are you someone seeking financial well being?

Do you own a holistic healing business?

Are you someone who uses doTERRA essential oils?

Are you ready to begin using them?

Are you a member of my Divine Lotus doTERRA organization already and you would like to go in a new direction that supports your income? 

Are you a customer or client of mine?

Have you been watching my work for a while?

These are all questions I ask in today's content as I share my path to success. It's so vital, at this particular time, for you to understand all your options. You have choices. You can thrive amidst uncertainty. What I share in today's content is not for everyone. But if you feel a calling, be in touch... I am ready to welcome you!

Upcoming client and class participant changes as well as some socially responsible actions we can all take on a micro level. Please visit my website https://divinelotushealing.com/ to book a session or take a class!

This channeled message from the Council of Light is a sweet one; originally channeled a few years back it has been a blog post on my blog. Today it has been re-recorded in podcast format for you to enjoy! The topic is all about how to take control of your life by going inward and focusing on your own power. Lovely reminders.


In this channeled message, the Council of Light answer a reader question about the nature of good vs evil. The original message was channeled a long time ago and I've updated it to MP3 format so it can be listened to via the podcast. 

The Council of Light give us a sweet little meditation exercise to practice when the days are short and the dark nights are long.

This channeled message was originally channeled years ago and transcribed into a podcast. I've now re-recorded it (because the original file format has been lost) and present it here in podcast format. 

Would you like to hold a private session with me? Visit my website https://divinelotushealing.com/ for more information on the sessions and classes I offer.

Join me and my fellow psychic medium Carolyn Wilkins as we share what it was like for both of us to grow up psychic. Join us for a LIVE reading night where we bring messages from Spirit to you in the audience. Online tickets and live in house tickets will be available!

Visit https://divinelotushealing.com/ for more info on when tickets go live. 

Ever notice how the items in your life make you feel? Sometimes they come with energetic attachment from others and you don't even know it. Listen to this week's episode to learn what to do. Energy imprints on everything - from your crystals to your couch to your clothing. You are constantly coming into contact with these other energetic vibrations all the time and it can affect your mood. Interested in a private session or some coursework with me? Visit me at https://divinelotushealing.com/

In this episode, I tell the full story of my psychic journey - from when I was a child to an adult with a client practice. Clients who've been curious will want to listen!

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In this episode, I highlight the brand new Adaptiv line from doTERRA. For anyone who experiences anxiety, intense sadness or overwhelm on a daily basis.

Want to get the oils listed in this episode? Visit my website for more info and to get started: https://divinelotushealing.com/essential-oils/

Did you know you are psychic? Did you know you use psychic language to express how you are psychic? Do this fun little exercise to find out what psychic modalities you use most!

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